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Break the rules every now and again

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The above line is point number 12 on the Michael Pollan food rules we have up on the wall of the gym. We really like these rules or guidelines because they focus on teaching people the importance of improved food quality.

If the only thing you worked on over the next 6-12months was to improve the quality of the food that you eat you would look and feel a million times better as it’s this simple step that many people will do their best to avoid. We love it when you come in and work hard in training but do you do the same with your nutrition outside of the gym?


What you need to look for in a healthy snack bar

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It’s been four hours since your last meal and you just have to eat something, anything! So, in a moment of weakness you decide that the Special K bar or Nutrigrain bar you just spotted must be ok as it’s advertised as a ‘healthy’ snack. 30mins post-bar you are now feeling WORSE than you did […]


Ditch the diet and go paleo

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The fundamental problem with diets for me is not the system that any particular approach takes e.g. weight watchers, unislim etc but the diet mentality. So you want to drop fat, get in shape or perform better at your sport so do you –

A) lock yourself into an approach that encourages weighing, measuring, counting calories and a mentality of “I will eat this way until I get to my target weight and I can then return back to eating ‘normal'”.


5 reasons why you should never listen to athletes

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From the world 400m hurdles champion – Dai Greene

“Breakfast for me is two slices of toast with peanut butter and a cup of tea, as well as a protein shake. Lunch is a pasta dish with lots of veg, dinner is usually a pasta bake or a lasagne, and then later in the evening I’ll have a light meal like eggs on toast. I have snacks throughout the day as well, but they aren’t as structured, so it’s things like peanut butter or Nutella on toast for a hit of carbohydrates. The kind of thing I would’ve had in my student days but the difference is now I’ll have it because I need energy as opposed to because that’s the only thing in my cupboard”.