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Documentary on The Academy

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I was amazed that anyone would want to know more about our business so when local radio personality with KFM Ger McNally asked me could he do a documentary on the Academy I was in shock.


What would you do with 5 more years?

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Here’s a shocking fact that will make you sit up and listen.

You ready for it?

Today’s kids are the first generation that are predicted to have a shorter life expectancy than their parents. 5 year less they predict!

This is all down to the fact that the parents keep letting their 9yr old do the blinkin’ shopping every week!


Act like a lady, lift like a BOSS!!

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It’s been such a hectic week at the Academy so far, people are hitting some crazy numbers.

Check out the picture below. This is a picture of Lisa deadlifting 130kg, yes that’s 130kg! This is so damn impressive I had to share it to show people how strong she is and how amazing she looks.


June Bank holiday we’re closed

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Can you believe that it’s been five months since we opened!!

The time has flown and Niall has been working flat out for five months straight and is under strict instuctions from the big bother (Yes me Dominic) not to run any classes this coming Bank holiday Monday.


The most important exercises you should be doing

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Ever since we opened The Academy we are getting lots of emails and phone calls regarding what we do at the academy and we got the impression some people were just a little bit aprehensive.


Fake it till you make it

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Has your motivation to burn the fat, get in shape and have more energy waned? Is the new years resolution voice in your head that was yelling at you to get up off your bum and just do it become more of a whimper? Well then I am here to give you the much needed kick in the backside to get you up and out so you can look and feel your very best.