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Academy Members in the Press


A very proud day for all of us coaches and members here at The Academy. We had some great success from our lifters who took part in the IDFPA National Single lifts in Cork. A massive well done to everyone who made the trip down and had the courage to compete in a judged competition, […]


James Cash: A Reflection


  Lessons learned; A reflection after a year and a half training at the TPFA.ie and using content and advice from dominic.ie Background: Having previously been a Globo gym( usually spent an hour 3 times a week. 30 minutes run followed by abs work and dumbbells of some kind!)  bunny and not really getting the results […]


Mobility Assessment


  Do you have trouble staying Injury Free? Are you looking to Improve Your Performance, either in the gym or at your sport? Or would you just like to Move around Better and make your daily life easier? Mobility is crucial to all of these. Think of it like this; Your muscle is a shoe […]


The Ridiculously Simple Nutrition Guide to Sustained Fat Loss


We are honoured to have one of the best nutritionists in the country, Danny Lennon, present this guest post. Throw your eyes back to that title. It’s important and I want to clarify why. First, you’ll notice the word “simple”. Fat loss should NOT be complex, complicated or need insane amounts of willpower. In fact, […]


About the TPFA Online Programme

Our Online Program was motivated by our desire to help more people who couldn’t make it to The Performance & Fitness Academy in person. This program is more detailed and planned out than any other program we’ve seen. It has the knowledge and experience of 5 coaches behind it, something other programs with just 1 […]


TPFA Online Programme Coming Soon!

TPFA Online Programme
It’s time to join the TPFA family with the TPFA Online Programme.


From Zero to International Success


Just to put that into perspective that’s six wonderful women that have come to the academy with zero weightlifting background and are now at a top level. On a national level we now have five of our women in the top twenty back squatters in Ireland and one of our ladies (Martina Higgins) is placed second in Ireland.


Strong is the new skinny


Strength and the display of strength is something we encourage and support in The Academy and we are delighted to share this incredible story with you today.


Over 4 stone drop in 6 months

the academy kildare, barney o reilly, before and after,

Today I’m here to write about a huge success story for the Academy. It’s a story about a young man called Barney O’Reilly. Barney came to me at Christmas for a man to man chat about wanting to lose weight. He knew for years he was trying to out train a bad diet and for years he was losing weight and putting it back on. At his heaviest weight he was a whopping 20 stone!


The toughest foot race in the world

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Todays success story is truly amazing and it’s up there with one of the greatest success stories we’ve ever had to share. This is a story about a very brave and inspirational man called Ronan O’Donnell who ran 141miles in 7 days in 53 degree heat in the Sahara desert! It’s called Marathon des Sables. That works out to be 6 marathons in 7 days through a desert. Crazy I know.